Ludwig Classic Birch Drum Kit Reviews 5

I ordered this kit over the phone from the Woodwind & Brasswind as a Christmas gift to myself. The drum sales department there is fantastic. I paid $1255 from a list of $2348.

I love everything about this kit. It has the great Ludwig sound and a price most drummers can afford. I ordered this kit with the factory "Vibra-Band" suspension mounting system(Just like RIMS mounts). No one stocks this kit. So, Ludwig had to build me one from scratch. Which I think is very cool. The shells are stamped with a production date of 12-01 and I received the kit on 12-15-01!

Ludwig does NOT do enough advertising. People just don't know about these kits. You will rarely find one in a music store. Always special order. The factory heads are just "ok". This kit deserves better heads.

These drums are amazing! The shells are solidly built and the finish is excellent. I have a satin finish blue called "Sea Blue". Very classy, like fine furniture. The Elite tom holder system is infinately adjustable and solid as a rock. The hardware is strong and user-friendly. The "Vibra-Band" mounts help to increase resonance and projection.

You owe it to yourself to check these drums out. Killer kit at a reasonable price. This is my third Ludwig kit and by far the best one yet. They have a life long customer here.

Steve Moran rated this unit 5 on 2002-01-25.

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