Ludwig Classic Maple Reviews 5

I bought it secondhand for 550 from a guy who, evidently, had no idea in hell it was such an amazing piece of acoustic percussive mastery.

To say this instrument is above the height of musical excellence is understating. The pure, warm tone produced from every shell is uncomparable to other cheap-ass, crappy taiwanese excuses for drums. I love my kit and would fight to the death if anyone was to part it from the death!

...hmmmm.....*he thinks*....ummm.. get back to me on that one....*scratches head*...

Ludwig genius, pure genius I tell you. Built like an Abrahams T-10 tank and engineered to last. Amazing.

This is such an awesome drum kit, I order you to go out and buy on, I said now!..if you don't have the money for it then steal your neighbours car or something..anything!)

Adam Heatley rated this unit 5 on 2003-04-05.

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