Ludwig LB416BT Black Beauty Tube Lug Snare Drum (5x14 inch) Reviews 1

I purchased this drum from Music 123 on line for $499.

I liked the brass on black with tube lugs and die cast hoops. I also liked the reputation of the Black Beauty and it's history in music. The drum is intended to be a custom manufacture specialty instrument. Ideally collector quality.

The drum would not tune up or sound like it should due to construction issues. It also took several months longer to deliver the drum than Ludwig promised. I had to have Music 123 follow up numerous times to get the drum delivered at all.

I was very shocked at the poor quality of this drum when I received it. The throw off plating did not cover the whole piece and was shody. The bottom flange of the drum, where it is formed to create the bearing edge was highly irregular and created a warp on the drum that basically rendered it useless. It wasn't round and would never tune properly. When I placed the drum on a flat granite surface it rocked about an eighth of an inch in each direction. The drum was a basket case right out of the box.

I was very disappointed at the quality of the Ludwig product. I was surprised, with their history and reputation that a snare of this intended quality would be delivered with no quality control. I returned it after waiting 5 months for the drum and will purchase another brand that has dependable quality.

Brad from San Diego rated this unit 1 on 2004-08-20.

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