Ludwig Super Classic Maple White Marine Pearl Reviews 5

Ordered this set through my local drum shop in Austin, TX, Tommy's Drum Shop. Tommy's also makes the famous Fibes drums that are now becoming popular again. I paid roughly $1,600.00 for just the tubs: 10x8, 12x8, 16x16, 22x18, all in White Marine Pearl, no holes drilled for any mounting hardware. I've been playing semi-pro for many years, have gone through many different sets (Yamaha, Pearl, Tama, Ayotte, DW, Sonor), all professional quality, but never Ludwig. I decided to buy the SuperClassic Maple's on a whim. Ludwig's marketing is severely lacking as I don't remember anyone playing Ludwigs other than: Bonham, VanHalen, Starr, and maybe some of the old Stax/Volt guys. Oh yes, and Jeff Porcaro, how could I forget!

This kit is the BEST I've ever played on. Miked up or not. Immediately on arriving, I replaced all the tom heads with Evans Coated G2's and Clear Resonants. Bass Drum with the EMAD (what I sound!) Mounted the rack toms on two RIMS' mounts from two cymbal stands. On first hit to tune up the 10" tom, I knew they were special. All toms were completely in the round (I tested on the counter-top), and sounded beautiful at any tuning range. I've since tuned these babies high (Latin, Salsa) and low (Rock, Alternative) and they sang! Rounding out the sound with a Ludwig 5x14" Black Beauty Brass brought these babies to LIFE!

I ordered these with the White Marine Pearl wrap. I was a little disappointed that the wrap overlapped itself by about 1/4 of an inch. Don't know if this is done to compensate for wood expansion, but didn't like it.

Recorded with this set very soon after it arrived. I screwed around with it a couple of days before the session. After setting it up in the studio, the producer and engineer came in, commented a little on the look of the drumset, and set up all mics. The sound was phenomenal right out of the shute. After the session was over, they both said it was the most amazing drum sound they have ever recorded, and if I would come back and play with a different artist. I told em', "that's Ludwig for ya!"

It\'s the arrow, not the indian. rated this unit 5 on 2005-08-08.

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