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Bought it second hand from a pro musician in Holland, for about 600 $ (new ones are about 900 $ over here).

Allround bass: 5-string, 1 MM-style pu at the bridge, 1 single coil (with large pole pieces) at the neck. Less resonant, more aggressive and less pronounced character than Fender JB V, resulting in wider range of sounds (using a good EQ) and resulting in a sound that cuts through any live mix. Tight low B (35" scale). Wide string spacing (3/4", great for slapping). Not dot inlay on fingerboard (which I find very beautiful).

Bridge is very rudimentary; probably the sound might improve when changed for Badass or equivalent. Dot inlay at the side of the neck is tiny (1 mm!); difficult to see on dark stages.

Basswood body, maple neck and fingerboard. 35" neck, 3/4" string spacing. No dot inlay on fingerboard. Passive electronics. Very rudimentary bridge. Smooth tuners. Top fret, Buzz Feiten Tuning System. Nice Tobacco sunburst with matching headstock, black hardware. Very decent finishing.

Great value for money: wide range of sound possibilities (between MM and Fender), great for many music styles. Especially great for live settings: sound cuts through any mix.

Joghy rated this unit 4 on 2004-03-02.

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