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Been Playing for a long, long time. Have lots of P.A. Gear, Guitars, etc. Currently in a Hard Rock Cover Band (Yes!)

I bought this guitar 04/94 from my local Pawn Shop Dealer for around $140. It looked cool to me; metallic purple, sharkfin headstock, Charvel/Ibanez style guitar. Came with a decent gig bag. They sold for around $199.99 or so, in the early to mid 1990's, so I've been told.

It has 2 single coils, a bridge humbucker pickup, imitation Floyd Rose but it's on rollers, recessed body cavity. Has a split coil feature for the hum. Select by EMG pickups. 22 rosewood fretboard. Maple Neck. Imitation Grover Tuning Pegs. Easier to restring than a avg. Floyd Rose Bridge System actually. One Volume and 2 Tone Knobs. Light wt.; body made of several woods, which we all know is "plywood". Not bad overall; a decent guitar. I've played out with it, and it has held it's own. Tuning stable; strings hold their tune well, dive bombing and all.

What I don't like is that I don't know who made this guitar. Is it a sister company of a bigger Manufacturer? Subsidiary? Who's heard of the brand on the headstock, "MX-Z"? Please let us know; I've seen these on E-bay being sold from time to time, so I know they're out there. Also check Daddy's Music on the internet.

Good overall. Not a real pro guitar, but one could play in a smoky bar somewhere and not worry about it.

The MX-Z Electric Guitar is well made, playable, good to play live/record with. Just want to know who made these guitars. Please somehow inform in print.

Jiver rated this unit 4 on 2006-11-03.

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