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I've been playing guitar for 38 years. I've been writing songs for 37 years. I do not play in a band. I'm more in the singer-songwriter vein

I purchased this from Musician's Friend to update my home recording set up. I paid $59.99 for it.

Bass roll-off switch. 20 dB pad/attenuation switch. The sound. It has a warmer sound and higher output than any other condensor microphone in its price range.

I wish MXL would ship it with the USM-002 shockmount instead of the MXL-90 shockmount--or in the alternative, provide consumers with the option to upgrade to the USM-002 for a slightly higher cost--say $5 to $10 more.

Construction of this unit is very rugged. My wife knocked my mic stand over while cleaning a week ago--and the thing still works.

While I would not place this in the same league as a Neumann or a Royer, it holds its own against anything else with a street price of under $150.00--so that certainly puts it in the same league as AKG or Audio-Technica.

Dave rated this unit 5 on 2008-02-12.

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