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This is a black condenser mic with a one inch diameter and a 6 micron thick diaphragm with a spider shock mount and brass enclosure. I've been playing guitar, bass, keys, and recording (just project stuff) for about 30 years.

I needed a condenser, studio condenser preferred, for my home project studio. I was itching to get back into recording again and wanted to update my mic from an old Shure SM-58 model that had been beat to hell from miking on the road. I know you probably think I'm nuts replacing that with an MXL, but I didn't want to spend a lot and I wanted to retire the old one with something that was really going to capture the nuances and detail in the sound. Dynamic mics just don't work that well in a recording situation in my opinion, especially for acoustic guitar parts or vocals. I paid about $60 online.

The initial sound quality is pretty darn good for a professional quality condenser mic under $100! The unit is built pretty well with the brass casing, and shock mounts, and I just can't believe the clarity in tone that I've been able to get out of this thing - when it's operating at 100 percent.

After using the unit for about 6 or 7 months now, it seems to be losing a little sensitivity. I've read this in a few other reviews, but it just doesn't pick up the same anymore in my opinion. Not terribly noticeable, but it's there (or not). It's possible I'm not describing it correctly. I think I've read a few reviews where people were saying it wasn't really as 'warm' as some other mics, but to me it's a sensitivity thing. I don't know if diaphragms go bad after a while, especially if you're really putting the unit through a workout, but nevertheless, it does seem to be fading in quality.

The mic is built very well. I've owned several other microphones and although this thing won't take abuse like an SM-57 or SM-58, you'll get years and years out of it in the home or recording studio. If the sensitivity issue is something to do with the diaphragm, then maybe that's something they should look into, but I've yet to send it back as it's not bothering me *that* much yet..

Overall, for $60 it's really a great mic. You can't complain about receiving a pro quality condenser mic that you can use in your home studio for this price. Everything from acoustic guitar, to your vocals, and any other finely detailed tracks you need to lay down will sound better. While the jury is still out on the quality piece and the unit isn't perfect, you probably get a little more than you pay for here, so I'll give it a 3.

JoeyD rated this unit 3 on 2009-12-29.

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