Mackie HD1521 2 Way Loudspeaker Reviews 5

This is one of Mackie's newest additions to it's speaker family. It is a 15 inch two way high definition loud speaker. They pack 1600 watts of power and have 3 way EQ and a frequency band. They are XLR only for input and output.

My band purchased these speakers for private party gigs in Nashville. We play a lot of acoustic shows with up to three acoustic guitars and up to four vocals. We wanted something clear and high quality. They came highly recommended and we purchased them at guitar center in Nashville.

Our band tried these out for the first time at one of our regular gigs. I don't recommend this - but everything worked out well. We put the EQ on the speakers flat and left the level flat as well. Our previous mains were a pair of 500 watt harbengers. The difference in clarity between the two speakers was unbelievable. We were able to dial in our acoustic guitars and get them sounding how we wanted them to. The low end from our vocals was incredible. It sounded like we had subs sitting on the floor. Some other reviews have mentioned that the 'HD' technology takes the edge away. We found this to be true as well. We were able to get away with being a little louder than with the Harbingers.

The only thing I can think of is they are a little heavy... but I associate quality with heavy, so I can't complain.

They seem to be pretty bullet proof. We already have a few dings in them but they have been used quite a bit. There is a very solid grill on the front of the speakers to protect the essentials. I imagine they will last a good deal of time.

These are definitely the best set of P.A. speakers I have had the pleasure of owning. They are superbly clean and have unbelievable low end for a 2 way speaker. They have plenty of power to play fairly large gigs. They are about a thousand dollars a piece but worth every penny.

MattG rated this unit 5 on 2010-09-30.

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