Mackie SA 1232 Self Powered Speakers Reviews 5

County Cultural Affairs Purchase Sound Upgrade Peachstate Audio $2,770.00

Mackie SA 1232 has a nice fat full sound and is a simple instant upgrade to a vastly superior sound system.


Built solid and smoothly attractive.

I recently took a job as Technical Director for a county cultural affairs department, so I sort of inherited a pair of Mackie SA 1232 3-way self-powered speakers to use for county productions. There are several small to medium sized venues in the county and they all fight over these speakers, which were supposed to be portable but have come to rest in the main civic theater. Used as front fills, these speakers have so transformed the sound system in the theater that it is unthinkable to try to do without them. Basically, they make the difference between a nice, fat sounding theater sound system and one that is unacceptably weak and thin sounding. These Mackies are really solidly and attractively built and put out an incredible amount of good sound, plus they are bonehead simple to use (a big advantage for me); switch on, line in and you are ready to go. They have gain control and indicators for power, signal, limit, and thermal. We have a pair of Mackie SRM 450 speakers as well, which are nice and which have become the (highly) portable set, but the SA 1232s are definitely the way to go for small venue main speakers or mid-size venue front fills. I am going to try to get another pair into the budget as soon as possible since these tough looking cabinets seem to be perfect for all of the county gigs, either as a standalone system or as an easy addition to any system.

Walt Commander rated this unit 5 on 2004-07-02.

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