Mackie SRM450 PA Speaker Reviews 5

The sound clarity is incredible. Never has any PA speaker been so clear and distinct. A normal passive speaker system is: mixer - amp - crossover - speakers. The Mackie ACTIVE speakers change that entirely. The signal goes from the mixer directly to the electronic crossover. Then it goes to two seperate power amps. The low frequency power amp (300watts) powers a high performance 12" transducer custom made by Mackie. The high frequency amp (150watts) drives a compression horn.

There is nothing I don't like. The only thing I would change is give it a 15" speaker instead of the 12". However, mackie designs their speakers to exactly match their amps, so it really does well.

Built like a tank. I've used them in many situations and never had any problems or worries. They can take a beating.

The most incredible sounding speaker money can buy. Though they are not cheap, it is well worth the money. It would take a stack of speakers twice the size as one of these to produce the same volume, and they still wouldnt sound half as good.

Jared rated this unit 5 on 2001-06-29.

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