Mackie 244 Mixing Console Reviews 5

I bought this unit new at IRC Audio in Indianapolis IN ,after reading many publications and visiting numerous audio stores. It had the most features for the money, and got the best reviews by the salesmen I talked to.I paid $1299.00 for it.

It is packed with features,& is versatile. Itn is also very quiet.

It only has 20 XLR inputs, and it doesn't have pads on the inputs.

It is built very well. I have owned mine for three years, and haven't had a single problem. It takes a beating bouncing around in my trailer every weekend.

There isn't another mixer on the market with the quality and features, for the money. You can buy a better mixer, but not in this price range, with these features.

Kevin Padgett rated this unit 5 on 2001-06-29.

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