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All tube guitar amp head, hand wired and custom built for me. Vintage style inputs and non channel switching. I use this amp to play country music in the style of Brad Paisley and Keith Urban. I play in several bands, and do fill in work live and in the studio. Been playing for about ten years, and mainly use it with a tele loaded with Fralins.

Bought new direct from the Mahalo shop in Georgia. Paid just over two grand. Bought this amp to replace a Matchless Clubman 35 that I sold to a friend of mine (great amp by the way).

Great cleans, plenty of head-room, great edge of break-up sound as well. Note clarity and bloom are second to none. Sustain for days (got rid of my Dyna comp). Simple layout, and plenty of tonal options with very little tweaking.


Built like a TANK. I know this expression is overused, but this thing is really built to last.

Not the cheapest amp you can buy, but if you shop around, Mahalo is one of the better values in the boutique amp world. They will build you a custom amp for the price that most companies will sell you a cookie-cutter off the shelf amp for. All in all, I could not be happier. I think more people will be playing these things soon, which means the price will probably go up soon. Call these guys while they are still (sort of) cheap.

Cartman rated this unit 5 on 2009-05-18.

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