Mako LPB-1 Reviews 4

I acquired this bass at a pawn shop in san antonio texas. I think I payed $200 for it, and I think I bought it just for the heck of it, I needed a bass to throw around.

Its a pretty simple bass, 1 piece maple neck, garnet red p-bass style body, single dimarzio p-bass pickup and single volume and single tone control with a string through bridge. I like it because its simple, its very lite, and it has the deepest tones possible.

Cant find any others, cant find replacement parts, the bass itself isnt worth very much.

Like earlier mentioned, a real basic bass, maple neck with an alder body and clover type 4-in line chrome tuners. Its a hard but lite instrument.

A great bass for the money, possibly a collectors item in about 50 years! Fills the gap between the guitars and drums, nothing fancy, just wall to wall deep bass tones.

Tracey G. rated this unit 4 on 2002-09-20.

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