Mapex M Series 6pc Fusion Kit Reviews 5

I have been playing drums for four years. And I like to play rock/metal.

I bought this kit at a local music store (AZ Music) and I bought it for $899. (An awesome deal)

I LOVE EVERYTHING! I'll start with the hardware, it is so durable!!! I could not believe how nice they are! The shells are great! (Mine is 100% maple because it was made in '05 and the discontinued it so now it is in birch!). Even the heads on these are ok! I haven't used the pedal because I got a DW 9000, but this pedal looks and feels great!

Nothing really! Just put some rings on the snare and maybe even the tom-toms and you ready to go! The kit will sound amazing!

EVERYTHING is great and durable! I paid $899 for this set and I would have even paid $1700 because it is so great! Also, I love the finishes! They are absolutly amazing! Trust me, this set is completely flawless!!!!

Bottom line is get this set! It is the best set I have tried for this price! Don't be fooled because Mapex might not be so known, but once more people discover how great these babies are, then they'll be better then Pearl, Tama, and any others!

Curtis Hill rated this unit 5 on 2006-11-12.

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