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After many months of careful consideration & saving every dollar I could scrape together I made the final decision to purchase a Mapex M Series. I purchased it from Drumpower in Bayswater (Melb, Aust) and got a killer deal (mainly because the owner has been my tutor and our band uses the rehersal & recording studios there). Unfortunately I can't advertise the price I paid but I can say that Drumpower always has some of the best prices in Melbourne and always happy to strike up a bargain.

Everything. The sound is very booming, solid and not unlike a kit of the top end price bracket. The snare may ring a little but after placing an O ring it produces a loud beautiful warm crack. The toms sound great, nice resonance and attack, & a very deep 16x16 floor tom (I upgraded the 16x14 hanging tom). I was also lucky enough to score a Mapex throne out of the box (much to the surprise of the shop owner) which was not the standard throne, but a mid to high end model valued approx $200+. The kick drum is lound & fat. It produced high volume without having to try to ram your foot through the floor, but also easily played softly & cleanly when needed.

Nothing to dislike. Most people complain about the heads, but compared to most 'factory' heads, the Remo 'unicorns' - (I think thats the particular series), sound fine.

Excellent quality & construction. Heavy duty hardware, fantastic looking shells thanks to the layer of hand selected mahogany and laquer finish. Pedal is quite solid as with the Hihat pedal. Adjustment of the hardware is very smooth due to the nylon inserts, and the ITS tom mounts are top notch and very easy to quickly adjust.

Honestly I could not have found a better buy for the mid range price bracket. Everything sounds great and looks great! I recommend anyone semi-pro, recording/gigging etc to have a look & listen to the M Series. A purchase you won't regret.

Shannon W rated this unit 5 on 2003-05-19.

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