Mapex M- Series 5pc Fusion Reviews 5

I bought this kit for 1096 Australian Dollars at a muusic shop. I checked out similar kits(e.gPearl Export.)but this was the best.

I love the finish on this kit it is a transperant Amber and is wonderful. The kit is a 5pc with fusion sizes. The toms are 9x10, 10x12 , and 12x14, and are all hanging.the 12x14 sounds exceptionaly deep for its size. The snare 5.5x14 is very ringgy, but if you put a dampening ring on it is very nice. The BassDrum is 16x22 and has a very hollow sound. If you cut a hole in the front head and put a Evans EQ2 head on it with a small pillow for mufffling, it sounds very, very fat. The hardware is double braced and fairly sturdy.

My only complaints were that the kick pedal didn't complement the drum enough, so i bought a Tama Iron Cobra double pedal. Also the Hardware is very heavy.

The Quality of these drums is very good. Althought the throne is fairly crapy and being a fairly heavy punk player it callapsed under me after a few crazy gigs.

I am very happy with this kit and for the price it is very good. All you need is a better kick pedal and Some better skins and you have a totaly dialled kit.

David rated this unit 5 on 2002-01-10.

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