Mapex M-Series fusion 5pc Reviews 5

I was looking to upgrade the crappy starter kit i had and was looking at mid-priced kits. After visiting many drum stores, i eventually found a kit for under 500 and sounded and looked good- the mapex m series. 499 from Nottingham Drum centre in england.

The sound and looks are the kits strong points. The sound does ring-out a bit but a piece of moon-gel at the 1 o'clock position near the rim eliminates this, even with the factory fitted heads. The looks are exceptional for the price. Deep red lacquer, ITS mounts, gold badges-need i go on!

The bass drum pedal. Could do with a tri-tonal beater.

very good. Seemless and emmaculately finished drum shells, kit seems to be able to withstand any musical situation i throw at it.

fantastic kit- why upgrade to a sub-1000 kit?

Richard Chamberlin rated this unit 5 on 2002-01-28.

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