Mapex Mars Orion Pro M Reviews 5

I'm in a band that travels around and I've played on a lot of different sets. The ones that I always have liked the most have all been mapex. I recently bought a pro m series standard. I've never played their bottom end drums, but the mid to top are awesome.

The sound is just awesome in every model I've played! They are also very cheap for the quality and sound you get. If I could get any set I wanted for free, I think I would take a mapex. The set I just ordered has an awesome fade from black to red/orange. Every series can be customized to the number and sizes of drums you want.

I don't really have any complaints, but some people don't like the hardware.

I haven't owned a mapex long-term yet but I haven't seen anything go wrong with any. They also come with a warrantee.

If you need a good set that sounds awesome and is durable, but think you can't afford one, check out mapex. Anything from Mars series up, and you can get a mars for like $600

Jeff B rated this unit 5 on 2004-07-13.

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