Mapex Orion Classic Birdseye Maple TBE6225 Reviews 5

I bought this 6 piece set at for $2,800. It cost a pretty penny but was worth it.

THE BASS DRUM: It gives a really nice THUMP when u play it and has a lot of punch. I like how it keeps the "boom" without sounding orchestral, unlike many other bass drums. The ITS system is great. Its sturdy, it doesn't damage the shell at all, and really makes the drum sound better. Also, the drum has minimal shake while maintaining maximum shell vibration. THE TOM TOMS: Great sound, and absolutely no annoying overtone. These drums sound deep, powerful, and like the bass drum, are loaded with punch and a satisfying thump when you hit the drums. Once again, the ITS system is put to good use. Some off-shell tom holders, for example, Pearl Mounts, are attacked to the tuning rods, creating problems with tuning. These mounts are attached between the lugs and the shell with a washer in between the holder and the shell to allow the drum to vibrate better. They absolutely DO NOT choke the drums at all. The toms are perfect overall. THE SNARE: AWESOME! It's loaded with that boom sound and has thunderous dynamics. It sounds deep, almost like a floor tom with snare wires attached to it. It also doesn't have that annoying buzz and/or ring that you can hear after the main sound has ended, so thatís a real upside. I don't have any problems with it so far and I donít plan to. THE HARDWARE: First of all, the 24K gold lugs are great. They are attached to the shell using only one screw to let the drum vibrate more and have a washer in between the to protect the shell. They also really set off the lacquer finish. The lug/tension rod design on the bass drum is incredible. The stands are nice, double braced, sturdy and have ball in socket tilters instead of the regular gear tilter. THE FINISH: I chose the transparent red finish, and it looks great. Like a said before, the finish is really set off by the gold lugs. The pictures make the drums LOOK WORSE THAN THEY REALLY ARE! If you fell in love with these drums by looking at the pictures, you will die when you see them for real.

THE DRUMS: NOTHING! THE HARDWARE: Though it's better to have the ball in socket tilter than to have a regular gear tilter, they take some strength to tighten. THE FINISH: NOTHING!

The drums have great construction, which is why they sound so good, as well as because of all the technology on the drums. The stands are really built to last. Overall, everything about the the quality and construction of the drums are great

THESE DRUMS ARE PERFECT! They are great for any style, especially rock. I would recommend these drums to anyone who is shopping for a high-end kit. They can match any kit by DW, Pearl, Tama, Ludwig, and any other drums made by any other brand!

rated this unit 5 on 2004-06-14.

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