Mapex P380 Double Bass Pedal Reviews 5

Purchased from Newcastle Drum Centre ( for only 120. Purchased because I was in need of some speedy bass rolls.

I love this pedal. It's everything a 15 year old could want in a double pedal, its cheap, it works and its shiny :0) Perhaps I would rather have a Tama pedal but that's because of the snob value. This Mapex pedal is fantastic and I recommend it with great preasure. Comes with free drum key

The rod that connects the two pedals together occasionally comes off, usually within a beat where you're just about to use it (It must know, heheh.) This can get annoying, but you can easily put it back on with the supplied drum key

Normal, good quality Double Bass Pedal. Its constructed about the same standard as a Pearl double pedal. Its brilliant

Brilliant pedal, recommended for those tight-fisted people, or to anyone that wants one...

Ross Beasley rated this unit 5 on 2002-11-09.

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