Mapex Pro M 5 piece Standerd Drum Kit Reviews 5

I purchased the kit from Musicians Friend over the net after shopping the heck out of everyone I could find. The had the best price and I have had good setvice from them previously. I paid $549.00 for the Kit w Hardware. Can't find it even at their site for less than $749.00

Fisrt of all it's great to get a intermediate kit for a intro price.Got it in transparent black and it is as pretty as it sounds. Some up graded hardware,in the hi hats and stands and the peddle seems to be above average. Real Quility in the fit and finish but the sound is the best thing. This kit can roar or rumble.I Will be playing out with it and seems to be pretty sturdy.Better than the Pearl Export that it replaced.

What can you say . It needed new heads. The cheap factory ones lasted about a week. Butthe money I saved easly took care of that issue.

Great build and finish. The gloss is stunning but it should be. The hardware is sturdy and should last.

Can't find a better deal than the one I got. Not at any price. And these drums are better than mid level kits even at full price. Full soud on the cheap. Gotta like that.

Chauss rated this unit 5 on 2004-01-08.

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