Mapex Pro M 6 Piece Set Reviews 5

I bought my kit at a local music store called Richies Music. I have a 6 piece set with a 22" bass drum, 10" 12" 13" and 16" toms. I bought the 10" tom extra but for very cheep. Probably around 150. The rest of my set was about 800. The price was so low it was incredable.

Everything about Mapex Drums are great. The prices are so low for there sets and they sound amazing when tuned correctly. The color of my set is the Glossy Natural. Its basically the wood color. The colors are amazing. Any color you get it will look good. I never got the Mapex Snare drum cause I got the pearl piccilo and then a Chad Smith sig. snare drum. AMAZING SNARE. Anyway, it looks like i wrote more in the "what i dont like about this set" but thats only because i told how i fixed all these problems. Now my set is amazing, and so do all my drumming friends

I love everything about this set. The only things that I dont like about the set is the bass drum pedal and also the heads could be better. To fix this problem I bought a Dw 5000 Double Bass Pedal. lol its amazing. Its so much better then the Iron Cobra. Sorry. Everyone has there opinions. I would die without this dw pedal. For heads, I got aquarian coated satin finish heads. Any heads you put on will be better then the heads they gave you. I still have my bass drum head on and it sounds amazing! Great set. I wouldnt switch unless i had the money for a dw (which i dont so mapex is amazing)

I dont know all the demensions and stuff but they look like they were made great. Theres other reviews about my same set so you can look otherwise. But they are made great. The sound sounds great, easy to tune your set and nothing has broken so far on my set so thats good. Ive had this set for about a year or so. Nothing has broke on my old V-series eather so mapex really makes good sets.

The bottom line is that I LOVE THIS SET. ITS AMAZING. I really wouldnt switch sets, and if i have a couple thousand i would get the Mapex Deep Forest. I acually wouldnt get a DW. Im serious. I love mapex so much and for the price of 800 bucks, you cant get better. If you really only want mapex then you can get the Black Pather snare. They are great snares also. Anyway, get this set. Amazing set, wouldnt go for anyone else.

David rated this unit 5 on 2003-07-13.

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