Mapex Pro M Series "Purple Ice" Reviews 5

Through the internet @ Drum Center, Indianapolis and Ray Fransen's Drum Center, New Orleans Both of these places are "Awesome" Check them out when you got the chance. I got (2) 22"bass drums, 8",10",12",14",16"toms and a 14"snare the total was under $1,400.00 "WOW"

Very good sounding. Works very well with different types of microphones for the stage. Very easy to tune.With the Purple Ice Fade, this looks like it's custom made. Look's Great, Sound's Great and the Price is "Right"! Sure, other drums may sound better acoustically for 3-4 time the price. But..In a Club or a Concert Situation with a good sound engineer, you can't tell which drums are which...

Does not do windows...LOL For the Price....Nothing ! !

Great construction and hardware. Shells are Maple and Bass (I think) Solid. Great for on the road use. Mapex Isolated Mount System.

Been looking for a road worthy Drumset that will catch your eye's. I'm the type who always wants to Customize my Drumset so it won't look like every one else. I found it with Mapex Purple Ice. I've got a DW Collector's Series and a Custom Martin made by Terry Martin Drum Kits, and I always flinch when someone gets within 10 feet of them. That's what I get for buying a $4,500 and a $7,000 Set of drums. Now I got one that I'm not bashful with..Remember, If you have a Great Sound Engineer and a Mapex Pro M Purple Ice Drum Kit, You'll Look and Sound Like A Million Bucks...

Steve Evangelista (Hawaii No Ka Best) rated this unit 5 on 2003-01-11.

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