Mapex Pro M Series 6-Piece Reviews 5

I bought the kit from Mars Music in Atlanta, by the way it's some of the best service I've ever had. Anyway I got the kit, with a few extras for $1,400.00(including hi-hats, two crashes, and a ride)

This is the best kit for the intermediate price range. Sure a new maple kit would be nice, but this kit already has 2 plies of maple along with 6 plies of basswood which is very similar to birch in texture and timbre. There is no other kit that sounds as good as one of these kits at that price range. Of course the factory heads aren't up to par, but a set of Evans G2 clear heads on the toms and a Evans G2 coated head for the snare drum with a muffle ring and this kit will sound like a professional kit. I put together a combination of 14" Sabian AA Regular Hi-Hats, 16" Sabian AA Med. Crash, 18" Sabian AA Rock Crash, 20" Med. Ride. And I have a couple of friends who are professional drummers(they own DW drums)and they were very impressed with this kit.

Nothing. There are no complaints.

The quality of the kit is also some of the best craftsmanship in this price range. The laquer finish is beautiful and very glossy. The hardware is top notch.

You simply cannot buy a better kit for the money. Anyone who is looking for a new kit in the under $1,000.00 price range needs to look no farther than the Mapex ProM Series.

Josh Millican rated this unit 5 on 2002-03-06.

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