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Ive been playing music professionaly for 25 years. Mostly Jazz in both small group and big band settings. I have a B.A and M.M. degress in Music Performance and Music Education and have been teaching at the public school/college level for 15 years.

I purchased these last year at Cadence Music in Rochester, NY. Home of Eastman School of Music and Steve Gadd. I bought them last year about this time. I needed a bob set after selling my Gretsch drums and the price was right...about $800 if I remember correctly.

These drums SING. They are warm, resonant with a woody tone. The tom mount is wonderful and solid. The bearing edges are all perfect and the look of the kit is very classy from out front under the lights or in daylight. I looks like it cost $2000. I have owned Yamaha Recording Custom, Pearl MMX, Sonorlite, Gretsch, Fibes all in bebop sizes. These drum are as good or BETTER than MORE than half the price.

I had to replace the heads on the tom toms. The cheap imitation remo clear heads had to go. I put on remo coated ambassadors and they sing. Also the cheap Chinese snares wires were replaced with Grover jazz dark non wire snares. Really makes the snare one of the best if not the best Ive had. The bass drum heads are okay but I replaced them with ambassador coated for the jazz sound. I HATE the Mapex name and logo. So I took off the logos and filled in the holes.

Construction is A+ and much better than the price tag would indicate.

Bottom line is...Ive owned top of the line kits Yamaha, Pearl, Gretsch, Sonor, Fibes...and these Mapex "mid-priced" drums are as good or better than those kits!! At least for jazz. I totally recommend them for any pro looking to get a bebop kit at a resonable price.

rated this unit 5 on 2006-06-04.

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