Mapex Pro-M Series 6-pc. Studio Model PMN 6225 Reviews 5

Purchased 10/02 from Music City (North Bay, Ontario, CANADA) after some severe soul-searching because I hadn’t heard much feedback (positive or negative) about this series. I knew they were a Maple/Basswood 7-ply combination and took a chance that they would have the quality sound that is anticipated with a maple shell. Pricing on the kit was lower than any of the big drum shops in Toronto for the same or comparable product – Music City went out of their way to accommodate me and I would suggest to any Northerners looking for a drum kit to contact this store first.

Where do I start? The finish is extraordinary – I purchased the Ruby Crystal finish that I consider to be one of the most unique finishes on the market. The quality of finish on both the outside and inside of the drums can easily be ranked “top of the line”. The hardware is great. Mapex’s memory lock system is the best that I have seen – very easy to adjust and it can be used on other manufacturer’s products (ie: Gibraltar, etc.). The tom center-mount is very well designed using a telescoping arrangement that doesn’t have the post shoved half way down inside your bass drum. The swivel-ball adjusting tom holders allow for extensive, immediate adjustment to the exact position you want. The nylon lugs washers are a nice touch too. The bearing edges are outstanding – you could slice bread on them!

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This isn’t my first set of drums – I have owned (here goes…..) Vintage Ludwig, Vintage Rogers, Vintage Camco, Pearl All-Birch, Peavey Maple, Yamaha (Recording Custom & Maple Custom) and probably a few I’ve since forgotten about - this set of Mapex Pro-M knocks all of the above out of the water. The resonance of the toms, the projection of the kick and the quality deep crack of the snare is exactly what you want from a drum kit. There’s a distinct warmth in the tone that (I’m guessing…..) probably comes from the Maple/Basswood combination. In any event, it is the nicest kit I have ever owned/played and this kit gets my 100% recommendation.

If you’re looking to purchase a new drum kit that has the quality and features of a top-of-the-line kit, but with a much lower price structure than you would ever expect, this is the kit for you. Don’t miss out – take a look at them! I've rated them a "5" only because there's no "6"

Anonymous rated this unit 5 on 2002-10-29.

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