Mapex Pro-M Series 6pc drum kit Reviews 5

Bought in Sudbury Ontario, Canada Prom Music Centre. Paid $1750 cdn.

The kit looks great (transparent cherry finish), much nicer than solid colors. Hardware is great, solid and has a wide range of positions. Kit sounds great,very consistent shells. Bass has a shitload of bottom end. Bass pedal and hi-hat very nice as well(both adjustable)This kit rocks. The snare is very warm and quite loud I prefer it over my ludwig.

Stock heads are dissappointing (big surprise).

finish is excellent, smooth bearing edges, generally no visible flaws

This is a great kit, with a lot of features. You'd have to spend a lot more with other brands to match this kit. (in my area anyways). I fully recomend it.

Dave Kurkimaki rated this unit 5 on 2002-05-11.

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