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Color of he kit is blue, 10, 12, 14 inch toms, 22' kick, 14' snare. Kit came with a variety of cymbals; splash, 3 crashes, top hats, and a ride, mostly Paiste. Yes they gig a bit but most of the work is done in the 'garage', anything from R and R to Blues and Country.

Purchased the kit on eBay for $620 AU which i thought was cheap seeing that it came with quality cymbals. The drums were 2 yrs old and most of the cymbals were added later. I also considered 'entry level' kits from Ludwig, Premier, and DW, but the reviews for the Mapex kick drum seemed best.

The reviews i read were right, the kick drum makes this kit. A low and warm sound that penetrates, especially if you don't let the beater spend extra time on the skin. No need to stuff anything inside the drum, it just don't 'boing'. I found the snare too loud, too sharp, and too penetrating. The other guys in the band used to complain of snare induced head aches. 2 dampening rings, some tape, and a t-shirt draped over the drum later, it's my favourite snare, go figure. Like the sound of the toms as well, alltho the 10' when tuned high will set off the snare drum and the 14' floor tom isn't always big enough.

The tophats aren't offsettable, very annoying if you wish to use a double kick. The top section of the cymbal stands cannot be extended too far in the horizontal, they tip

Very durable, they handle abuse from beginners. No complaints

Value for money, and if your not into name for names sake a good buy. Don't forget that sound can be changed by changing skins etc.

tiptop427 rated this unit 4 on 2010-03-01.

I'm from the Netherlands so my English may not be very good. I'm the second owner of this drumkit and I've paid 375,- for it. The newprice was 500,-. I was searching for a cheap kit and I have found this drumkit on an advertising site on internet. When soul him I was direct in love with the kit.

The toms. They are very bright and they don't have a vibriting tone. The snare is very loud but sound good and the difference in sound is ver big between the middle of the snare drum and by the rim. By the rim it sounds like a piccolo snare. The bass drum has a very dark sound and I like that

The loudness of the toms. If don't muffle the sound they don't sound good, but if you muffle them there's no problem. And I hate the bass drum pedal. Every three weeks he's stuck. I can repair him easily but it's recommend too buy a other bass drum pedal whem you buy this drumkit.

Like i've said already the pedal of the bass drum is bad, but the rest of the drumkit is OK

You need how too use this drumkit, but if you do it's a fantastic drumkit for a beginner.

Jonathan Sterkenburg rated this unit 4 on 2003-10-30.

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