Mapex Venus Series Standard 5 piece drumset Reviews 4

I bought this drumset at a local drum store when it was on sale after comparing several drumsets in the similiar price range. It was between either the Mapex V series or the Tama swingstars. Mapex was on sale so i got the mapex set.

Inexpensive, yet pretty durable. The drum covering is very durable and doesn't knick very easily. A definate plus when you start out and you are mishitting all over the place. With a nice set of drum heads you can make these drums sound pretty good. I've been playing on them for about a year without too many complaints.

1. The pedal. The pedal that comes with the set is OK, but the spring on mine broke after a few months, but i was able to bend it some and make it usable again with pliers. Eventually i went out an bought a Tama Iron Cobra double pedal, so i put the Mapex pedal on the shelf. 2. The heads. The drumheads that come with the set are junk. They aren't durable and do not tune well. The coating on the snare head was not very durable either. 3. The snare drum. The snare does not sound as good as the rest of the set. There isn't really a snare bed cut into the shell so the snares buzz too much. The bearing edges on the snare are also poor, making tuning near impossible.

see above.

A decent set at an affordable price, i payed $500 for it at the time with a drum throne also.

Sean rated this unit 4 on 2002-06-27.

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