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I purchased the Mark 2 electric guitar at Fredmeyers for $150. At that time I was a new guitarist and wanted something cheap and easy to use.

I enjoy the fender style body and pick ups. The open back of the base made changing the strings quick and easy.

The action on the guitar is horrible. Slides break easy unless you hold the fretts hard and hurt your fingers. Not long after starting to play, the 7th fret stopped working and would only make a horrible buzzing noise.

The construction of this guitar is below parr, very below. The look of the instrument is appealing.

A do not buy, if you are looking for a cheap guitar to learn on. Buy a used Fender or Ibanez. Mark 2 made me frustraded and I stopped learning. I purchased a used Ibanez GX-70 for 170, only 20 dollars more and played everyday since.

Tom Hudnall rated this unit 1 on 2003-12-27.

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