Marques Electric Gituar Reviews 4

I acquired this unit when my grandma and I were dearching through her garage for junk when we happened to stumble opon this gituar collecting dust so I agreed to help clean out the rest of her basement to acquire the giruar there were some damages done to thbridge and area but nothing that coulden't be fixed for a cupple of bucks .

The reason I like this unit is because it is short there for it is so much ezier to start playing and to control the sound is much clearer than the longer gituars and you don't have to worry about damages too much because it is sorta cheap but definitaly fun to play arround with .

the things I don't like about this unit is it is very old and likes to tweek in and out when it is pluged into the amp also it is very old so the look went out a long time ago and there is chips in the paint and dents in the wood .

the gituar I belive is extremely durrable just because it is made of wood and you don't care if it breaks also when this was brand new years and years ago it would be like owning the top of the line fender the screws are all starting to loosen but it still plays the great sounding toons it first played years ago .

I love this gituar and if I ever become famous I would want this gituar out of all of my gituars to sell the most but I also still want it to be played by a simple semi-broke player like me it would bhave to be the best long lasting beginner gituar there is out there.

Matthew Miller rated this unit 4 on 2001-12-03.

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