Marshall JCM 900 100-Watt Reviews 5

Purchased through Ebay for $425..Hella deal!

Very smooth. Passive Eq doesn't mangle the tone of the guitar. Extremely simple, but very expressive.


Very sturdy construction. The knobs are very smooth rather than feeling like you're adjusting the radio on a 1978 LTD. The odd thing about the head is that the back corners are not rounded like the front.

I've played through many tube amps and they all have characteristics of their own that make them individual. This amp definitely fits the bill for the style of music that I play (stoner rock). It's not an SL-X, but it's also not one of the 4500 dual reverb series either. I've heard the 4500 series and felt that they were more designed for lead players. This amp stands in a class of it's own.

Charlie Dango rated this unit 5 on 2003-09-16.

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