Marshall MG50 DFX Reviews 2

Marshall MG50 DFX

I don't much like modern Marshall gear and this amp is no exception. Cheap, lifeless and dull sounding overall... it's not even worth looking into unless you can find one for well under $100 used. Marshall has discontinued that particular version of the MG50DFX... so I guess it wasn't well received. That's probably for the best, since it's easil... [read more on Audiofanzine]

King Loudness rated this unit 1 on 2011-05-04.

Marshall dropped the ball on this one. I think they cut too many corners to make this amp with a crappy cooling fan. What are the chances the 2 new amps I receive have the same problem? Pretty good according to the store owner and others reviews on websites. Fool me once, shame on me - fool me twice - "won't get fooled again". George Bush [read more on Audiofanzine]

Mike rated this unit 2 on 2004-08-25.

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