Martin C.F. Reviews 2

I Borowed this guitar from an old friend of my father, i used it for a few years. (i needed a guitar to play and i no longer used my beginers guitar)

It is beutifull (!!) It is rare - black sabath used to play this Martin C.F. model ! and it's sound is kinda 70's opaque.

it's sound is nothing BUT opaque (!!) it has a very bad trebel (or actualy not at all !!!!!!) not a slap guitar but an old not plesent sound guitar (much diferent from old guitars from those years that have great sound)

22 fret grif. one double pickup (terrible) 2 modes selector trebel voliume

RARE ! Martin never got back to manufacturing electic bass guitars. i belive this line has been manufarctured between 1970 - 1978. you may be farmiliour with their acustic bass though, and be very amazed while being told this is an electric martin bass. (i would LOVE to have it back :-)

Peyote rated this unit 2 on 2002-10-20.

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