Martin CXE Black Reviews 5

i bought this guitar at Hermes music in San Antonio, tx. for 572.00. I always liked the OOO martins. this one was so light and unique that i fell in love with it instantly.

it is lightweight and thin for lenghthy sets. the stratabond neck is superb and the martin set up is excellent. the prefex pro electronics are also suberb. this is the most satisfing guitar that I have owned in my 35 years if playing. Very weather resistant too.

the fret metal seems a bit soft and is already showing waer after only 3 months of hard playing.

the construction and HPL material is very weather durable and scratch resistant. tough stuff. I just love the stratabond neck. it is absolutely the finest neck I've ever played. The electronics are fishman prefex pro. easy battery change and great sound. It is a very lightweight sturdy guitar with a thin body. 4,1/7" at deepest

I would absolutly recommend this guitar to any musician, beginner or pro. It's a forever deal. I,ve owned over 20 guitars and this one is the most durable easy playing acoustic yet. Inexpensive too.

scott B. Wilson rated this unit 5 on 2003-01-15.

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