Martin Custom D Carpathian Cannon Rosewood Reviews 4

This is Martin's new dreadnought with a Carpathian spruce soundboard. It is very similar to the D-28. It has Indian Rosewood back and sides and the traditional Martin headstock.

This is a preview based on manufacturer specifications only.

Martins Rosewood dreadnoughts tend to be powerful, balanced and very bass responsive. The Carpathian spruce instead of Sitka will give the guitar better sustain and help keep it from becoming too boomey. This guitar should be a flat pickers dream, it will have more punchy midrange than the D-28. It will sound similar to a 28 with an Adirondack top. The guitar looks very nice too, no gaudy inlay and everything is nickel colored instead of gold. The price is good on this guitar as well, it is around the same price as the regular D-28 and will be a better instrument.

The only thing I can think of is they don't offer electronics. This is not a huge deal as any guitar tech can install a pickup for you.

Being an above entry level guitar, this will probably be a very durable instrument able to withstand the character dings it is bound to get.

This will be a great sounding guitar if you like the dreadnought sound and is the better choice if you are looking for a D-28.

MattG rated this unit 4 on 2010-02-24.

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