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As a left-handed guitarist, I have made a hobby out of scanning the net looking for the few left-handed models out there. If you are left-handed, GOOD LUCK. Each year seems to usher in fewer and fewer choices. After purchasing (and rapidly selling) an offshore instrument made by Johnson, I decided to move towards the Martin. While Martins are still very traditional guitars, they are flawless in construction and DO NOT charge extra for left-handed. I purchased this guitar from Musician's Friend for around $800. (including hardshell case).

I picked the D - 1 for a few basic reasons. The first is TONE. It has a wonderful, well-balanced sound. It has a solid spruce top and mahogany back. The neck is spanish cedar, but looks like mahogany. It has proven to be very playable. This guitar is also trimmed in tortoise instead of plain black, which I think looks nicer.

While the binding is nice, its pretty thin. I hope Martin can figure out a way to dress up their "middle" units a little more. This model does not come with the paper label that you see on other models. I'm not sure why. . .

Considering that I bought this guitar sight unseen, QA at Martin must be very tight. The guitar is flawless. I didn't see any need for set-up assistance, the guitar played perfectly right out of the case.

Before purchasing this guitar I travelled to 4 large music stores -- while I saw HUNDREDS of right-handed acoustic instruments, there were only 5 lefties. Guitar Center in Va Beach had 0! If you are in the market for a lefty, I would try Musicians Friend, Adirondack Guitar or Music 123 on the web. If you don't mind paying top dollar, try Southpaw Guitar. Good Luck!

Big Kev rated this unit 5 on 2003-11-06.

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