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I drove 40 minutes to a "Sam Ash" music store in Cherry Hill, NJ. I had already made the decision to buy this guitar and I called first to make sure they had it in stock and brand new. I went in and got the guitar manager and told him what I was looking for and why. He showed me the other makes and models of "comprable" guitars...none were at any price. This guitar is very different than most others, some cost more, or much more, they were different but truly not "better". The list price on this guitar is $949.00 and the cited selling price in Sam Ash was a pricey $759.00. I knew that they matched prices as my brother had just bought an Ibanez from another Sam Ash. I had a few current catalogs and when the salesman/manager said that we hadn't even spoke of price and told me his price. I then gave him the current price from a Musician's Friend catalog and told him that as I knew they match prices I wanted to buy it for the cited catalog price of $579.00. He grumbled and muttered and then said "OK". He tryed to get me to take the demo unit which was on the wall and showed a slight bit of wear, minor scratches. I had called ahead so I knew that there were 2 new units in the warehouse and I told him I had called and been told that and that I wanted one of those brand new and untouched units. He agreed and brought me a beautiful guitar and a beautiful heavy duty case made by Martin and it fits just perfect and slightly snug. He checked the neck for warpage and tried again to get me to take the demo on the wall. I had him take the new guitar back to there in store service/luthier who slightly adjusted the truss rod and this baby was perfect I grabbed and ran, stopping for a minute to pay cash for it. I was a very happy man!

I like everything about it, anything short of that would be a lie! It is beautiful to behold, the grain, smell of mahagony, the craftsmansip is literally superb, and I am a very picky man! I once returned a radio 4 times until I got one that was perfect. This guitar is such a purist acoustic instrument. It is not an axe but rather a Musical Insturment. It is easy to play, the neck, strings, and perfect frets. The sound is the best of is loud, warm and bright. The sound rings out with a supeernatural aura to it. It has a sound that really puts most all guitars under a $1,000.00 to shame, in my opinion. The tone QUALITY is just Awesome. Most people would love this guitar, its sound, case, lifetime warranty, and the fact that this very simple and straight forward music machine is the real McCoy and it is clearly evident that this will prove to be an insturment that you'll love and enjoy for the rest of your life. The price is such a value, beyond deescription. A grand would be very fair for this guitar. It is all solid mahogany with East Indian Rosewood fret board and bridge. It has an attractive tortise shell pickguard. The body is cut on a computer controlled machine and is perfect as to fit, the internal bracing is identical to the 1 and 16 series guitars. This guitar is very light for its size and has a nice satin finish which is as protective as a is a gloss with an additive. The guitar will really grow on you and quickly. Take a look at the 90 reviews on Haromony; every one praises it!

I would have prefered binding and maybe gloss finish, and a neck strap pin that had been installed at the factory. Actually the binding isn't something that I don't like yet might have prefered as I 'm used to it. It offers a bit of protection but this guitar was designed to be raw and functional which it really is. Would you want a kick stand on you $1,500.00 mountain bike? Or perhaps a racoon tail on your motorcycle mirror?

Quality of all materials is superb. Quality of construction is flawless. It is a lightweight guitar which is good not bad, it contributes to its beautiful sound, as does the lack of binding. This guitar does have a certain tone quality that is different and possibly better than guitars costing far more. It is a winner and if treated with respect will last a lifetime. It is no a strat or les paul and should be handled or carried with a bit of care.

Oh, come on! Forget about!!! If you have a desire for an acoustic and appreciate a true musical insturment you owe it to yourself to get to the dealers and check this unit out. Even a Chimpanzee would figure this as a great piece of finely crafted Mahogany and all solid: top, back, sides, neck, and headstock. The case is very attractive and well made also!

Larry T. rated this unit 5 on 2002-09-20.

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