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You can keep the dime, well start saving those dimes! This is a review for the Jim Croce signature model Martin D-21. It was realeased in 2000 in a very very limited run. One thing that makes this instrument stick out is the brazilian back and sides. There are only #73 of these guitars ever made!

I was sitting at a friend's house and he says 'Would you like to play my Jim Croce Martin' ...dumb question, who wouldn't! I overly enjoyed the instrument for only a limited amount of time, but the hour it was in my hands were memorable. The going rate for these is a cool $6,000

The 3rd fret has a dime inlay. It is finished over in the fretboard so there's no weird playing issues due to it. When you strum it, the heavens open up and you tell yourself THAT is what a guitar should sound like. It had a great bark for strumming chords and a nice body when finger picking.

No complaints this guitar is truly an amazing instrument.

The sikita spruce top had aged well. The guitar had a thick, but not over done clear coat. The neck reminded me of the Clapton signature, but I don't think it was the same design.

Martin truly blew me away with this one. If you can get one of these, it's worth every...dime! OK bad joke, but a beautiful guitar and a fine tribute to a brilliant artist.

Billy rated this unit 5 on 2011-04-17.

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