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Non professional fingerpicker prefer James Taylor John Denver Jim Croce Dan Fogelburg

Ebay purchase paid 800

Excellent value for money looks and sounds pretty much the same as the D-35 for a grand less money!

Good looks with the 3 piece back and solid one piece neck! Standard Martin quality with flawless fitting of the wood to binding workmanship. Really nice solid Spruce top. Sounds fantastic and duplicates the D-35 nicely even though the bracing is different ...

Quality of this guitar is right up there with the D-28 as far as fit and finish is consirned. So as far as construction is consirned it is a 10 out of 10 no question about it. The sides are laminated Rosewood and I am darned if I can hear much difference over solid wood in the sides. I have no idea how Martin did this.

I would say the sound is very similar to a D-35 in the Bass end and just a whisker thinner on the top end. The earlier models of these have real ebony fretboards and bridges and are more desireable than the last couple of years models with black marcarta. If you dont have the 2 grand to blow on a D-28 or 35 this is a darn nice guitar and probably is really 95% of either for 8-900 used.

Earle rated this unit 4 on 2006-08-11.

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