Martin DCME Dreadnaught Reviews 5

I purchased this at Cave Creek Guitar in Phoenix,AZ for around $1000 w/ hard case, but usually retails for about $1499. I thought it was a good buy!

This is a excelent sounding guitar. The DCME, which is a D-14 with a cutaway, its a very nice looking guitar. Mine has a smooth, non-glossy finish. Martin guitars, when you play them, sound better the more you play them. One more reason i liked mine, is because of the electric pickup, it's acoustic electric. It comes with a liketime warrenty

The only thing I didn't like is the strings, too much $$ but for quality, their alright. Also if your looking for a cheap and great guitar, you might not want to choose this model, but if your willing to spend the money, it's well worth it!

The construction is phenominal, no cracks or flaws or anything! Even if there is a malfunction (or w/e) they'll fix it under the warrenty. The quality is nice- 5 outa 5

The best guitar I have ever seen and the best sounding guitar I've ever heard. Well worth the $$-

Jered rated this unit 5 on 2004-07-19.

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