Martin HD 28 KM Reviews 5

I bought the guitar for 2,700 at guitar center in New Orleans

The insterment above all plays like a dream. The neck is wider and has jumbo frets which makes finger picking and heavy bends much easier. Tonally it's beautiful. I'm a fan of rosewood however the koa is much more complex and dynamic. The bass is very deep but soft and crisp. The mids are present but not overpowering(like I find with most Martins). The highs shimmer but are not to thin. If you get a chance to play one have is strung with .013-.56 strings, it will blow you away. This insterment will make all you taylor and gibson fans re-think Martin guitars. I don't need to comment on the looks because I would buy it if it was pink.

It comes with .011's which masks this insterments power.

Perfect-no frett buzz, beautiful finish, frets well buffed and crowned.

as abive

D, Marx rated this unit 5 on 2002-11-14.

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