Martin HD28KM KEB MO Acoustic Guitar Reviews 4

I bought this KEB MO from the Guitar Center here in Dallas, Texas for $2850.00 including tax. The price also included the hard shell case.

What struck me first about this guitar was it's deep rich tone, probably due to the Koa wood used in it's construction. It's one on only 250 made.

The Martin D41 fingures a little better than this guitar but does not have the dark sound and deep base that I find so fasination in this guitar. Otherwise, I see no down side to this guitar.

The D28KM is a beautiful guitar. From it's gold pegs, raised frets, and inlayed top to it's bone bridge. The top is Maple and the body uses Martins cross-X bracing.

I am very happy with this guitar and think anyone interested in acoustic music will be too. Here is tone quality that can only be found in guitars at twice the price. It's worth a look and a listen at least.

Tim rated this unit 4 on 2001-11-17.

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