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Bought Feb 2002 at Guitar Center in Escondido, CA for $120 US

The sound out of this unit is unlike any other Martin I've played. The flame maple back and sides are beautiful, and the jumbo shape brings out some really bright, ringing tones, making this 6 string unit sound almost like a 12 string. The first impression I had was, "Boy, this sounds a bit like a Taylor," and when my brother heard it he made a similar comment. The finish has proven very durable, and except for a minor scratch on the treble bout, it has held up well over the last year of playing. The color of the maple body with the spruce top, and the natural finish on the mohogany neck look great. It is great to play, and to hear.

I don't know why Martins ship with those cheesy plastic bridge pins, so I've traded mine out for Bone. I also replaced the tuning buttons for aesthetic reasons. The action is slightly higher than my Martin DM, and the neck is a bit narrower at the nut, which takes a bit to get used to.

Everything on the guitar is fine. The interior bracing is pristine, and unlike some of the cheaper guitars I've owned/used there isn't any glue visible around the bracing and perfling. There is one minor flaw in the grain of the neck near the neck heel, but it is just a cosmetic line in the grain, and doesn't detract from the overall beauty of the instrument.

I have and would recommend this guitar to anyone interested in a guitar for fingerstyle playing, or in a larger setting as an addition to a boomier Dreadnaught. It is a wonderful counter point to that other voice.

Anon rated this unit 4 on 2003-01-14.

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