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This guitar was my second acoustic guitar and my first acoustic/electric guitar. It has a smaller body and is a cutaway, so it is not quite as loud as a dreadnought body. The electronics are Fishman Aura. It has a solid Sitka spruce top with Indian rosewood on the sides.

I purchased this guitar at a local guitar store called Music Makers for about $1,700. This came with a hard shell case custom to this guitar model.

This guitar sounds great both acoustically and when plugged in. It had a beautiful sound right out of the box. The electronics on it are phenomenal. Along with six preset sounds there are sliders for bass, mid, treble, and to adjust the blend between the sound of a mic'd acoustic and an acoustic with a pickup in it. It also has a phase button and an anti-feedback option. To top it off, it is equipped with an on board tuner. This allows you to easily and quickly tune the guitar, even while on stage.

The only complaint I have so far is that when I plug it in to my digital recording unit, I get a lot of feedback/white noise.

Like all Martin guitars, this one is built to last. The Sitka spruce top and the Indian rosewood sides look beautiful and sound beautiful.

At first, I was considering buying a cheaper guitar, but I am very glad I spent the extra money for this beautiful work of art.

emauser rated this unit 5 on 2010-05-28.

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