Martin Sigma DR1ST Reviews 5

Bought from Strummers Music on E-Bay brand new and it came with a Martin TKL lined hard case.Price $300 plus $25 shipping.

Very well made looks like a Martin DM that was built with Martin parts in Indoesia.Solid spruce top.laminate back and sides of rosewood.Good strong bass not as deep as USA made Martin but you can get it close.

Like it's USA cousin the action is a bit high but that was taken care of by replacing stock saddle with a Tusq Martin replacement saddle and the plastic bridge pins were replaced with Ebony and I lowered the string height by sanding the saddle bottom.

Very well made no complaints.

Bottom line The Martin TKL lined case is worth about a $100 so this outfit for $300 is a good buy.Even with most USA made Martins you would replace plastic bridge pins as I did with ebony and upgrade the saddle.Lower string height is up to your own taste.I like mine low so lowering the DR1ST string was easy with the upgrades this can be made to sound like a road series Martin for about $35.00 well worth the price.

E.A.Bell rated this unit 5 on 2004-11-09.

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