Martinez MD-21CEBL Acoustic/Electric Reviews 4

I bought this guitar from International Music in Toowoomba, Australia for $400AUS. It's an acoustic/electric with a cutaway. I bought because it looked good, it sounds good and it's got a cutaway. I think it was made in Germany. It's blue.

I like the looks of the guitar the most. It's blue but fades to black on the outside. You can clearly see the grains of the wood which looks great. It like the cutaway, which enables me to reach the upper frets. I like the 4 band EQ system and ease of use with the pickup system. The battery has been fine it's whole life. The pickup system sounds great and has good feature. This guitar is well constructed and has neck and body binding. It has a rosewood fingerboard & bridge. It was good value for money. It think it was made in Germany. THis guitar has a nice bright tone.

Although I think the constrution of the body is good, the fretwork is quite dodgy. They are dodily connected to the fretboard. Also it doesn't keep in tune very well. But it's not that bad. Also the strap never stays on. That's because the strap button is too small. But that's not the manufacturer's fault because the guy at the shop put it on. The guitar is not very comfortable to play. The top of the body digs into your chest.

The construction is good. (Except for the fretwork). THe body, neck & headstock are very well constructed. The pickup system is good and i haven't had to change the battery yet. Its very easy to use. The guitar has body & neck binding. It's not very comfortable to play.

I love this guitar. It's quality at a good price. It looks good, sounds good & is well constructed.

Kieran Hegarty rated this unit 4 on 2001-09-12.

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