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As a bassist I was looking for an entry level thin body electro acoustic 6 string for home recording without miking up and for discreate practicing. Purchased at Park Music Perth, Western Australia $450 (Aud)

It's a cheapie, there's no geting away from the fact this is built to a budget but for that budget it's not bad at all. Though not a true "thin body" like say a Yamaha APX5A it is thin enough to make it comfortable for an electric guitar player (or electric bassist like me) to wear and play standing up without fealing like you have a Ikia wardrobe straped to you. Much quiter than a full bodied acoustic and as such forefills it's primary mission for me in not upsetting neighbors when I practice/record at night. Pickup and preamp seem to be pretty much on the ball for the price the preamp look to be a rebadged version of the generic OEM unit fitted to all the other brands of guitars in this price range. Works well without being outstandingly good or bad. Looks are quite impressive for the price. With its roundback, bright translucent colour and bookend flame top it certainly looks the part under stage lights. Recording wise I've used to put put down demo tracks for our guitarist to use as a guide and he hasn't been negativly critical about the sound. also used for accompaniment tracks under the mix in a few songs put down by our guitarist with his various Martin, Gibson and Rickenbackers and it's certainly good enough for that sort of work.

The sound is a little too bright and thin for it to stand on it's own as a solo or lead/main instrument but blends in quite OK with another acoustic or electric guitars and would be a good guitar for a "some times plays guitar" singer that you don't need or want to dominate the guitar mix.

Plywood top Fiberglass/resin roundback cheap tuning heads, frets were not properly seated or finished and not just one or a few... every single damn fret sat slightly proud (so that you can get a thin plectrum under gap) and almost all frets are not dressed properly, at least the error was on the side of not filed enough rather than too much. Opaque finish on head is surprisingly thin and below average particularly when you compare it to the gorgeous translucent finish on the body. that said it sounds good and is built quite well for it's price and was better than all other electro acoustics with in the price range that I looked at. Cheap nasty strings were ditched ASAP and a good set of brand name strings certainly improved its sound.

Good (but not brilliant) slightly above entry level electro acoustic at a good Probably too thin and bright to be the main guitar in a band or for recording but good for thickening up a mix. 2 out of 5 if your used to high end accoustics like Martins or Matons. 4 out of 5 for beginers or electric guitarists on a budget

Marxz rated this unit 3 on 2004-10-23.

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