Maton M425/12 Twelve String Acoustic Reviews 5

Found this gem on an ebay auction. Everyone must have been sleeping because I won it for $360 US plus $40 shipping.

There's so much to like about this axe. The smooth nitro finish, outstanding australian tonewoods. The action is so low its sinful, and the sound is outrageous. It stands up to any Taylor, maybe even that expensive Breedlove 12 string I tried last year. Stays in tune forever...I'm in love. Even the new ones are priced at about half the cost of a taylor....

It's a little heavy, but traditional dreadnaught size, not jumbo. Rosewood fretboard looks cheap but it plays like a dream. There's really not much not to like.

There are very few flashy extras on this guitar, but you can tell by examining it that it is extremely well made. Fret ends are smooth, no cracks, separations. really sturdy and sound.

Since theyr'e so reasonably priced, I'm going to look for a nice high-end Maton six string next. If I like it as much as the 12 string, I'll sell my Taylor 814-CE.

Richard rated this unit 5 on 2003-05-27.

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